Never Prosper

Never Prosper Amazon link

I had a story published on Wednesday through This is my second story with them. I would love for you to check it out. This is a suspense story that I hope keeps you on the edge of your seat. Here is a description.

Ethan was a fastidious planner; no detail escaped his keen eye. Constantly juggling his wife’s schedule with his job and clandestine meetings with a “special friend” from the office, he was finally hitting his stride. His routine life was finally becoming exciting until an afternoon tryst went terribly wrong.
Why did his wife change her plans? What would he do with the body in his SUV?
He had to formulate a new plan…
…and fast.



2 thoughts on “Never Prosper

  1. Congrats.

    I want to do this. I have about a dozen stories lying around. Short stories are hard. No room for error, no time for a dead scene, and not enough space to waste a word. My hat is off to you.

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