Giraffe steaks and social media

Social media is an odd thing. I love it and I hate it. I hate it because of how much time it can take up.  As a writer, I can’t tell you how much I rely on it. I use it to tell my friends and fans about my writing. They helped me get my stories into the top 100 in Kindle books ( Right now, social media is the only way I can sell my work. I don’t have a marketing budget. My publisher ( definitely helps on that end, so I am not on my own but social media is my platform. Because of social media, you may have connected with me. You may be a fan on facebook ( or you may follow me on twitter (@Writer_Marcus). You may be a friend from college or grad school and I am glad to know you.

Today, social media introduced me to something really interesting. I found out the real power of social media. As a writer, I am very curious. I like to know things. Sometimes I need to know things and Google just can’t answer certain questions with any sort of reliability.

One thing I really wondered that Google didn’t know: What does giraffe taste like?

Now, before you question me as crazy, animal hater, or something like that, don’t get me wrong, I love animals. It’s not like I go to the zoo with my mouth watering and hoping that I could maybe go into the zoo to hunt my next meal. (I have dreamed of that by the way) No, I love animals. I love them baked, grilled, broiled, or fried with a side of anything tasty like more animal or bacon. I’m off track. Let me wipe my drool.

So how do social media and the taste of giraffe combine?

Well, I entered the realm of social media and I asked my friends expecting not much in return. I mean how many people really have eaten giraffe? Is it legal? Is it a delicacy? How would you get a giraffe steak on your plate? Honestly, I didn’t expect a real answer. I expected to be left without an any answer. I did get the obvious answers from a few people saying that it probably tastes like chicken. Yeah, not good enough. Then one of my friends told me physiologically why it might actually taste like chicken. They stated that the taste buds are designed to give things flavors we are familiar with, therefore, many things taste like chicken. (Pretty cool huh?) Still not good enough.

I have a friend (Caren Story) that lived in Kenya as a missionary when she was younger and she asked her friends. A writer friend (J.L. Benet) told me he would ask one of his South African rugby mates. So I waited.

The answer finally came care of J.L. Benet’s rugby mate. It tastes like buffalo. Now, I have not tasted buffalo, but I imagine it tastes like a gamy mix of cow and deer.

So there you have it. Now I have to try buffalo and giraffe.

I can’t tell you how much social media has done for me. What has social media done for you? Please share.

3 thoughts on “Giraffe steaks and social media

  1. I, for one, would be interested in trying giraffe, now that I know it tastes like buffalo. Your assessment of buffalo is only half correct: it actually tastes almost identical to beef, except it is leaner and healthier. Buffalo pot roast is amazing, actually. Buffalo meatloaf (at least at Montana Ale Works in Bozeman, MT) is a thing of beauty.

    Perhaps, we’ve found a niche…but something about “Giraffe Meatloaf” sounds either strange…or inhumane. Not sure why.

  2. Jesse is right. I’ve enjoy a couple of (American Bison) buffalo burgers along the way. The taste is indeed identical to beef (American cow), but leaner, and as a result, a little drier. I had some water buffalo in India, at a steak house in Bangalore. Best steak I’ve ever tasted. However, that may have been influence by nearly 3 weeks of nothing but Indian food. Speaking of India, goat tastes like beef as well, when in a curry sauce. Then again, all meat tastes much the same when in a curry dish. Only the texture is different. South African buffalo would almost certainly be water buffalo rather than bison. Perhaps they are all different breeds of cows.

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