Shameless review request (free review copy)

If you have followed this blog for a while or just visited for the first time, you may already know that I am a writer. Well, part of being a writer is getting your work out to the public. One way to garner more readers is to have your work reviewed. One reason I am looking for reviews is because I would like to get listed on a site that promotes authors works but does not consider promoting without a certain amount of reviews.

So here is my pitch to you. I have written two short suspense stories. If you like to read that type of stuff, this is for you. I am looking for a handful of people to review my work on If you would like to volunteer to review, please comment below or contact me through my Facebookpage. I will provide you with a kindle version of the story of your choice. You can review it wherever and however you like but I would like a review posted on I am not asking for 5 star reviews, I am not asking for a glowing report, I would just like honesty. Here are the blurbs my publisher wrote about these ebooks:

“At the Back of His Mind”

Clark is an aspiring writer constantly in search of a great story.  But when his seemingly oppressive relationship with his girlfriend, Lex, prompts him to take drastic action, Clark realizes that he has the opportunity to make a great story.

Miles away from civilization, under the cover of a stormy night, he sets out to right the wrongs in his life with a shovel, a tarp and gritty determination.

What could possibly go wrong?

“Never Prosper”

Ethan was a fastidious planner; no detail escaped his keen eye. Constantly juggling his wife’s schedule with his job and clandestine meetings with a “special friend” from the office, he was finally hitting his stride. His routine life was finally becoming exciting until an afternoon tryst went terribly wrong.

Why did his wife change her plans? What would he do with the body in his SUV?

He had to formulate a new plan…

…and fast.

Again, if you are interested, please let me know.