New Superman Trailer

I have always been a Superman fan. I think he’s a great hero. Conversely, I have never been a fan of the movies. The Superman movie that came out a few years ago was pretty bad. So I am leery of this one. But who knows. It may be good. I usually don’t wait to hear what others say about movies and I don’t usually care what they have to say, but I have been burned by Superman movies in the past. Should I wait or line up for release day?

Are you going to watch this?


James Bond is a cold dude.

I am a huge James Bond fan. I haven’t seen all of the movies but I am working on it. Amazon Prime helps, they just made a few of the movies available for April. So I started watching Goldfinger. I’ve seen it before, but it’s been a long time.

The thing that shows me how cold Bond is was this. Bond just finished blowing up some building in the precredit scene. He goes back to his room to “take care of a loose end” or something like that. Those of you that have seen a single Bond frame of film know it’s a woman. So when he gets there, she’s in the bath. She gets out of the bath and Bond’s attention is um… drawn away for a moment while an assassin is sneaking in.

Bond leans in close for a kiss and sees the reflection of the assassin in her eyes. Instead of pushing her out of the way, he uses her as a human shield and she gets the smack on the head with the blackjack. She falls to the ground. He shrugs it off and fights. Cold, but not freezing.

He fights the guy, they rumble all round the room. The fight ends with the guy getting thrown into the bath and Bond tosses a heater into the water, killing the guy. Typical Bond, unperturbed, turns to walk away. “Shocking,” Bond says. Then it gets really cold.

The girl wakes up. He sees it, says “Totally shocking,” and just walks away. This girl will probably die from head trauma or be a vegetable for life and he just leaves. Not only did he use her as a human shield but he left her to die or to wake and deal with the dead body in the tub. I mean, she has to get rid of this body on her own.

Bond is one cold dude.